Growing or Dying

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that your business at any given time is either growing or dying. There is no in-between.

This makes things pretty simple: spend more time growing than dying and success is inevitable. The problem is we all get stuck, overwhelmed, “busy,” lost or sometimes even bored. Growing our business becomes elusive or nearly impossible.

We forget about the great things we envisioned when we first thought of our business, such as days off, vacations, endless supplies of wealth and saving the world. Our lives become bailing water out of a boat full of holes fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, with no end in site.

The Novopreneur program can help.

Growth for your Business

There are three major problems that keep all businesses from growing into the success it can be.

The Process Problem

For many, it is a complete lack of process and structure — a way that they do things — that is the problem. Every day is a new adventure in their business, thus creating stress and turnover. Some businesses have processes or a structure to follow; however, they are not written down. This means they are not repeatable, are unteachable and/or something that can be worked on to make better. Other businesses have structure and process that is even written down, but too damn complicated with too many if-then statements. This makes it difficult to maintain and be consistent. Parts of this program will help you create a simple and effective structure for your business that will help facilitate growth and scalability for the business you need.

The People Problem

Businesses are conceptually simple; it is the people that make it messy. The People Problem can be the most difficult one to solve. Sometimes the problem is you have no people or the wrong people. You may be the wrong person for certain aspects of your business. You may have the right people but they are in the wrong seat or have a skills gap. In many cases, it is the stuff between our ears that is making a mess of things. If any of that sounds familiar, then this program can help you.

The Revenue Problem

There are two common forms of the Revenue Problem: external, which is Sales and Marketing; or internal, which is Financial Protocol and Discipline. This program will guide you through creating a sales and marketing program designed to strategically get you more clients as well as create financial protocols to know your numbers. If you are currently under $500,000 in annual revenue, then there is a very good chance this program is for you.


Time – This is often the toughest form of investment for prospective Novopreneurs. There are so many fires to fight every day that stopping to take an hour here and an hour there can be daunting. The benefit here is that you can do this after-hours, weekends or any time you feel like it. Just make sure you are spending at least an hour a week working on your business trying to free up two hours a week to work on your business. Then use that two hours to free up three. Rinse and repeat until you are controlling your time. Run your business; do not let it run you.

Money – The online portal, which does not include coaching, is a one time fee of $99.00. If you are interested in coaching or getting help from one of our coaches you contact them directly to make arrangements.

Resources – In order to get the most out of the Novopreneur Program, all you need is an open mind and a positive outlook. Leave the rest to us.


Refining your craft won’t
get you more clients.

  Before you start objecting, bear with me for a second. Are the most successful individuals with the most clients, page views, followers or conference attendance numbers the absolute best at what they do? No. Is the most intelligent trainer in the world the one with the most clients? No. Is the most talented singer Read More

You’re not an expert.
But you don’t have to be.

Let me make a clarification. You’re not an expert at everything. But here’s the thing. You probably couldn’t be, at least not all at once. You might be able to achieve competency or near mastery in a few subjects but at a certain point, you might ask; What am I doing with all this knowledge? How relevant Read More


Do you want to be successful? Of course, you do, but where to begin? You need to start by taking action. Watch Now


Michael Nelson


Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated successful businesses across multiple industries, including one which he built up to a successful level before selling. His current projects include (an online business coaching program), Grey Matter Strategies (a regional marketing firm) and SalesRecon.Co (an online networking and sales coaching tool), as well as having a few other projects in the works. He is an experienced speaker, coach and consultant who is working with many regional businesses on structuring their companies for growth.

Lorenzo Gonzales

Jr. Consultant

With a career that began in fitness, health and personal training, Lorenzo was first exposed to sales, marketing and the business of fitness at the age of 18 in the Greater Los Angeles market. As is common with what many trainers do, he worked across a number of gyms in a variety of environments with only one constant: change. Always having to cultivate new clientele and manage existing business, he learned early on that constant, well-organized activity and communication were paramount.

With time and experience, he moved into management as well as educational and business development, working with trainers new to either the industry or to a particular area to build their book of clients. It is here his love of coaching and professional enhancement continued to grow and flourish. As a self-proclaimed "nerd at heart," he loves helping others tackle challenges and obstacles because it helps him constantly improve his ability to do the same which only reinforces and inspires him to find more ways to assist others.

Lorenzo views growth as a mutually beneficial and collaborative endeavor where adaptability, discipline, strategy and experimentation are key. He looks forward to each new relationship — and growth opportunity — with clients.

Eric Rosenfield

Jr. Consultant

Before joining Novopreneur, Eric was providing small business consulting and coaching in the Saratoga region with a focus on solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, and non-profits. His clients are from a broad range of industries including financial services, health & beauty, food and beverage, and community development. After earning a Master of Business Administration, Eric worked in strategic planning for a national non-profit housing organization based in D.C.

In additional to overseeing the strategic plan for the organization, his work revolved around creating an analytical culture – ensuring that individuals are empowered to make educated and thoughtful decisions that are impactful, sustainable, and profitable. His interest and experience in organizational behavior and change management gives him unique insight into the nuances of running a successful business.

Affiliate Coaches

Karen Carey

Affiliate Coach

Karen Carey specializes in coaching entrepreneurs in having a successful business and living their dreams! She helps them have a clear authentic vision, confidence and a path to a meaningful life.

She provides programs, events, and coaching for entrepreneurs ready to transform success on all levels. By bringing to life a vision they may not have imagined, they can courageously have the success they desire, and have a business and life they love. Karen helps them change perceptions that are limiting and transform them to inspired action toward their ultimate success. Karen Carey provides powerful coaching and training for entrepreneurs to expand their vision and create a business and life they love.

When you change, the world around you changes. You will transform the way you meet the world, and consequently, how the world meets you.

Howard Litwak

Affiliate Coach

Howard assists owners of growing businesses gain control, improve profitability, increase sales, be proactive and achieve goals. His clients will confirm he is a valuable business resource equipped with a practical tool kit for managing organizational growth.

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